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Dave Smylie has been wielding his bass guitar in and around the Manchester music scene for many a year, starting in the early eighties playing in a band called "The Hot Dogs" with guitarist Pete Bardsley he then went on to join Phil Platt's "Ride Band".

During 1987 Dave started his own band and along with Pete Carberry, Michael McGoldrick, Angela Usher and Martin Moylan became known as "Toss The Feathers" which over the years has performed many hundreds of gigs worldwide and still play selective gigs 31 years on.

Dave has also been involved with other genres of music including pop, folk, reggae and even cabaret on the boats and all around the whore houses of Europe, in other words he did not discriminate he just did the gigs.

More recently Dave has been playing festivals and concerts all around the UK and Europe with "Sinnerboy", "The Hell Hounds" and "Fortunate Sons".

When asked to describe this musical roller coaster Dave's own words are simply "I've just been around the world playing my bass" hah hah, what a great note to end this biog on and what a perfect credentials to join a Stones tribute band!!

Simon Stone (New Underground)

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