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Becky Clifford-Ball.

Becky or "Bex" is a fan of many different types of music genres, her appreciation of music has led her to performing on stage from a young age. Alongside singing Bex is somewhat of a multi instrumentalist who also plays piano, guitar and some percussion.

By far the youngest and newest member of "Still Stones" Bex has just finished 6 years of touring where she sang backing vocals with "Manc Floyd" an amazing NW tribute to "Pink Floyd" playing theatres, rock festivals and big tribute festivals all over the UK.

After the split of Manc Floyd in May 2018, Bex teamed up with "Still Stones" doing backing vocals and percussion. You could say Becky has changed from bricks in the wall to stones but hey, both tributes to bands of the same era and let's face's all ROCK in the end!!!

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